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You didn’t think I would end things that quickly, did you? MORE PRIZES AVAILABLE!

UPDATE: Congrats to “Indie” who won. Correct answers below.

  1. Which former iBC blogger drove a viper and was famous for the catch phrase “WRITE IT DOWN”? DEVILDOG
  2. Which former iBC blogger is an accountant who is known to say “mahalo” every now and then? GIO

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Welcome to the inaugural iBC Trivia Night!

For refreshments, we have provided some Deadwood-fresh canned peaches and coffee. Unfortunately, Senator JakeGint has been denied canned peaches privileges by Al “The Fly” Swearengen.


Your answers to the trivia questions below should be entered into the comments section of this blog post. The first one who gets all of the answers correct wins first prize. Alternatively, if everyone gives a piss-poor showing, we will decide whether to grade you all on a curve and award first prize to the best of the lot (kind of like being the richest man in Rwanda).

FIRST PRIZE consists of

  • An iBC custom mug
  • TWO iBC T-shirts

Second prize goes to the person who either gets all of the answers correct and is the next in time to enter them in my comments section after the first prize winner OR gets the most correct out of the questions (even if not a perfect score) compared to all other non-first prize participants.

SECOND PRIZESecond prize is a set of steak knives.

  • An iBC T-Shirt. Retail value: $999.50 (Think Ed Hardy times 50)

THIRD PRIZE is you’re fired, and possibly banned from iBC altogether. Get the picture? You laughing now?

NOTE: The BONUS question will be graded separately. The first person to correctly guess the BONUS question wins:

  • An iBC T-Shirt. Retail value: $499.50 (Think True Religion times 10)

UPDATE: “Yogi & Boo Boo” correctly guessed the Bonus question.



UPDATE: CONGRATS TO FIRST PRIZE WINNER: “Pea” and SECOND PRIZE WINNER “Yogi & Boo Boo,” who also got the BONUS question.  I will now reveal the answers.


  1. Which former iBC blogger suffered a most heinous IMAX’ing at the hands of “The Fly” when he was fired? HENRY FOOL
  2. Which former iBC blogger tried, in vain, to educate iBC readers about the fashion benefits of “pocket squares?” JASON TREU
  3. Which former iBC blogger was known for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? (Hint: Vince Lombardi and Starbucks) COACH COFFEE
  4. Which former iBC blogger was fired by “The Fly,” WITH PREJUDICE, for posting revealing pictures of former girlfriends? CHUCK BENNETT
  5. Which former iBC blogger inspired “The Fly” to dedicate a library to him? GUNNERS
  6. Which former iBC blogger is a Captain in the United States Army? CHART ADDICT
  7. Which former iBC blogger relinquished his blogging duties in order to travel to Monaco? ALPHADAWGG
  8. Which former iBC blogger is known for using the term “viz?” DUCATI
  9. Which former iBC blogger is an avid skateboarder? DANNY aka SPYDER_CRUSHER
  10. Which former “seasonal” iBC blogger got swept away with the “winds?” DR. CANE

BONUS: What is the real name of the former iBC blogger named “Sir Bilderberg?” UPDATE: “Yogi & Boo Boo” correctly guessed the answer: HOWARD LINDZON was Sir Bilderberg.


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