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Christmas Shopping and Bottom Fishing

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and if you have it, spread some cheer and greenbacks.

Just realize that I’ve been extremely busy trying to plan the gifts (not presents) I will be giving in three days hence. For those uninformed, there’s a difference between a present and a gift.

A present is an item or trinket that you buy for another person. It is common, ordinary. Usually, it requires little thought. It’s easy, simple, generic.

On the other hand, a gift is much more personal. It carries with it, some sort of significance to the person receiving it. Gifts are personal and require the giver to think about, reflect on and take great care and consideration as to the recipient and how the gift would fit that person like a glove. Gifts are what a person truly wants or needs. Hence, they are timely, thoughtful and illicit that “wow” response.

Betwixt my forays into expensive stores, I did manage to do some bottom fishing today, buying:

95,000 COMS @ $2.20

105,000 Q @ $3.07

84,000 AAI @ $4.39

See, I’m not messing around. Despite the gloominess in the markets, ’tis the season to celebrate light and life. I’m betting on a benevolent rally that will be good to orphaned stocks, beaten up and downtrodden.

There is still hope, even for the downcast.

I also plan to donate 10% of any profits on these trades to various charities that help the hungry, the poor and the oppressed. That’s the least I can do to express my thanks and gratitude for life, family and friends.


UPDATE: Back again from shopping…. my trader also informed me that I also bought 9,100 shares of INT @ $34.25 today, as my buy price did get triggered.

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