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Short China (Again)

With civil unrest breaking out all across China, due to this current “crisis of capitalism”, I decided to¬†bottom fish AND profit from the riot hub of China, Guangdong Province, as distasteful as that might sound.

From toys, to textiles, to furniture and footwear, factories and plants are being closed across the region.

Bought 8,000 FXP @ $38.47

Some 40 million Chinese are expected to lose their jobs. While that is a low percentage compared to the total population, you have to consider the effects of 40 million people hanging around the street corners, bumming cigarettes and asking to wash the windshield of your rickshaw.

Even the Communist Party officials are preparing for “mass-scale social turmoil”. All this will put a dent in the “Chinese growth story”.

China is now the U.S. of the 1930’s. The global depression will be complete.

Read more about our most egregious times…(here).

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