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ROC Indicator Has Been Cleared for Lift Off

After a year of whipsaw, this long-term trend indicator may finally be cleared for lift off.

The blue line is the 252 day rate-of-change and the red line is the 5 day rate-of-change. The ROC252 has not seen this level since July 2011. While it certainly could start trending back downwards and resume the whipsaw, past history shows that it spends most of its time above the red line.

Going long and short, but not including commissions and slippage, the ROC indicator when applied to $SPY has produced gains of 15.49% year-to-date.

And now I must finish packing to meet The Fly, Chess, Cajun, Thaler, Gap&Yap, Jeremy, and all the other iBC crew in NYC.

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