I got my nail gun loaded – short HD


Let the games begin.

As a reminder to new followers, am going to try and win Fly’s attention by blogging my methodical approach f turning my bullshit $10,000 brokerage account into $100,000 within 1 year. Truthfully, I think I can keep $5,000 in cash without ever using it… and for added bravado, I’m going to aim to get to $100k within six months.

Even more, I don’t usually get access to quotes during the day, so I’m broadcasting my entry points before I pull the trigger and I will set limit sell orders (no wimpy stop limits allowed).

After three days of waiting, I got the entry point I was looking for on those January 2013 HD puts with $65 strike price. I got 10 contracts at $1.99 today, right below my $2.00 bid.

I’m willing to buy 10 more contracts if price on the option gets to $1.00, but I have no idea if we will get there. I’m also hoping to get out around $6.00 enter first week in January. Stay posted. I will provide plans before placing limit sell orders in advance.

Again, this is entertainment from an untrained reader. If you follow these trades, the Sandy rebuilding stimulus will get approved and we’ll both takes nails to the scrotum.

It is a play of end of year tax selling for a name that got a big 2012 run up. Sherwin Williams is next in the list, but I am looking this weekend for new plays.

Feel free to debate m degenerate amateur challenge below. I’m grateful for Fly giving the platform to an unwashed like myself.

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