Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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I have been a Registered Republican since I graduated college in the 1980’s. I’ve have held similar fiscal beliefs but did not hold their social mandate, even early on.

But during this past year of the Presidential election I gave up my status and became Non-Affiliated. Why? Because I could no longer stomach a political party whose main goal was to limit women’s reproductive rights.

Believe me when I tell you that nobody jumps up and down and says, “Oh goody! I’m going to have an Abortion today!” It is a medical decision. and it should not even be a political discussion, period.

Let me stop here and tell you that I am no pro-Democrat either. I disagree with most of their fiscal policy choices. But socially, they are the future of the nation.

The “old generation” that hold antiquated beliefs; you know, the ones that young people have hated for the past forty years, are dying one at a time. And like in the past, those who follow the old beliefs and traditions are fighting tooth and nail to keep them. Their attitude is, in essence, “if I’m going down I’ll take you with me.”

I will not list the issues here as you are well aware of what they are. I’m also not saying that everything the “New America” wants or believes in is right or good. Simply that it is different than those who cling to the past.

The Newtown shooting must engender change in this country and not just for gun control. Some say that the “discussion” will break the country apart. WAKE UP people, its already well underway.


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  1. Gregory P

    Hopefully we can legislate to allow abortion of many of the bad apples in society before they are even born. The bad apples such as all these future jewish gays who want to be married and parents.

    Imagine: married mixed race mixed religion lesbian parents who do weed, owns several guns, and are sexually adventurous. Wonderful world these legislators will have us living in.

  2. Scott Bleier

    How about marrying your pregnant cousin in a redneck ceremony?

    “Let’s abolish the government. That will make everything better.” says the Tea Party…

  3. drummerboy

    i grew up old school, being the youngest of seven. and till this day i still feel there is no school like the old school. take your cell phones and shove them up your asses, fuck that can’t be done,cause all their heads are in there. if we mouthed off at a teacher or a priest, or rabbi, there was no second guessing in getting disciplined, even if it meant a smack in the mug,and if you ran home and told your “mommy” or your “daddy” you were fucked anyway, cause they always sided with the teachers. this spare the rod bullshit has turned this generation into a bunch of politically correct wussies.not only is there a lack of discipline in todays young adults,in any of their dealings of life,but the complete laziness of parents from this generation is one wants to work.

  4. The Fly

    Well written. I’m not even sure if I agree with you or not. When I started to think about it, it dawned on me: I really don’t give a shit.

    Worrying about “the country” is an exercise in futility. Agreed?

    Focus on things you can influence, family, friends etc.

  5. Cascadian

    I think people have sincere opinions about what is best for the country and not everyone agrees. Imagine if you felt abortion was the actual killing of a baby. I can respect a person’s beliefs without holding those beliefs myself. I don’t think life begins with conception, but these days with all the advances in premature birth, I think by the time you get to the 7th month or so you have a baby there.

    So a Catholic hospital does not want its health insurance to provide free contraception to its employees. The employees can still go to Walmart and get contraceptives for $10/mo or less. The health insurance will still proscribe estrogen pills for health reasons other than contraception. Otherwise, they have cadillac healthcare. Is that any great restriction on women’s reproductive rights? This is nothing like going back to the 1950’s in reproductive rights which I would find abhorrant.

  6. bottom_feeder


    I usually find your posts spot on and downright logical but I have no idea what you’re talking about here.

    Did we pass a law preventing sex or are you adopting the clever media phrasing to encapsulate the abortion issue into something it’s not(limiting reproductive rights)? Is this about birth control and who should be forced to provide and pay for it because you see it as required medical treatment instead of elective prevention (War on Women)?

    And this is what the Republican Party stands? Sorry but you lost me here Scott. Sounds to me like you fell for the liberal press tactic of using emotionally charged phrasing to describe anything they don’t like from social conservatives as an attack of some sort.

    You usually shine a spot light on that kind of bullshit. So this has me a bit perplexed.

  7. Scott Bleier

    Let me be more precise: The Republican Party is in the way of progress, desperately clinging to a past they no longer control.

    No hystrionics. No hysteria. Just the long-simmering fact.

    Please adapt or die…

  8. razorsedge

    i say prepare for the unexpected, but live life and not worry.

  9. Baron the Barbar, Saint Clause, Herzog upon Wynnsor

    The Macafees and FB founding Americans are ditching the USSA.

    America has been invaded.

    Good Luck to you all.

    “I pray for America.” Mr. Mitt Romney

  10. Unsettled_Cash

    We abort more kids in fifteen minutes then were killed at Sandy Hook.
    I agree that the federal government should get out of reproductive rights. It should be decided by the states not by nine black robed thugs.
    Constitutionally compliant gun restrictions should be a state issue as well.
    So if you want to be unarmed, safe and childless, you could move to the East coast.
    I hear New Jersey is beautiful.

  11. joshtrader

    Woman’s reproductive rights? Besides for the rare case of rape or the mothers life being in danger, abortion has nothing to do with reproductive rights. An unborn child is an innocent life. The majority of abortions ate performed because a woman made the stupid mistake to have unprotected sex and then looks for a way out of the situation she helped create. A woman has the right to have protected sex or abstain. That should be her reproductive right.

  12. Narwahl

    Sorry to have to utter these words, but medical decisions are political decisions. This is the so called progress that republicans and tea partiers are in the way of.

  13. heaterman

    Murder of an unborn child is not a political issue.