Sunday, December 11, 2016
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They Will Never Stop….

Did you listen to Saint Ben yesterday? BTW–he should shave his head, a la Jeff Macke. He would gain immeasurable respect.

There is no longer any doubt that his legacy is one of blatant market manipulation as investors are “forced” towards risk.

One Trillion Dollars a year is his promise and that is exactly our government’s spending deficit. And that is what will be eventually sucked out of markets in the massive desire for the liquidity needed to “pay the bills”.

This money is the lifeblood of markets and will keep stasis. My only concern is if the market begins to drop and the “free money” doesn’t stop the fall. What happens then? More billions per month?

Worldwide economic contraction continues, yet markets care not. Economic theory has been trashed in this Costanza world. Yet we must march on and identify winning strategies.

Either trade momentum and sell early and often, or buy beaten down stocks that will eventually find sponsorship. But be careful with the favorite stocks because they will be over-loved and subject to severe damage once everyone is in, a la Apple.

Fear not this time of the year, until after Inauguration Day, then En Guarde!

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  1. The Pirate

    Does it bother ANYONE, especially Jewish Americans, that despite the enormous debt problems, US taxpayers continue to give Billions – (far more than given to Israel by the way) to Islamic extremist governments around the world? From the rebel fighters in Syria (many of whom are said to be in AlQaeda and other terrosit groups affiliates), to Libya to Pakistan, Afganistan to Asia. Just a few days ago 20 4th Generation F-16’s were delivered to the Islamic Brotherhood run dictatorship in Egypt. The ISLAMIC BROTHERHOD! Additionally $1.5 Billion in US taxpayer military ‘aid’ just THIS YEAR ALONE to support the scum running Egypt. These weapons are certainly intended to threaten Israel and eventually the US – yet they cry about the need to raise taxes??? Where is the outrage over this administrations reckless spending? Where is the sanity? We are cutting our own throats.

  2. The Pirate

    By the way, QE makes all the other spending look like chump change – and it is a WASTE!

  3. JB

    Hello Scott, If that so, dollar keep loosing it value, then gold will stay strong ?
    What do you think about gold near future ? Appreciate as always.

    • drummerboy

      i wouldnt worry too much about gold. just buy the physical. silver for that matter as well. i dont know how old you are,but i remember gold being 35 bucks an oz. like it was yesterday. when gold was at 800,i pounded the table for my friends and family to buy it and hold it. aw fuck you is what i heard. now, they all kneel before me.myself to them………go fuck yourself.

      • JB

        Thanks drummerboy. How about gold etf or miners ? I don’t have gold bar but have lots gold jewelries from granma and mama,
        if it counts.

  4. Cascadian

    Emulate Macke for respect? LOLOLO! The $Trillion/yr. Ben creates are not free $. They are a hidden tax, paid for by the poor when cost of living goes up, er– make that the taxpayer when foodstamps, subsidized housing and medicade costs go up.

  5. joe

    this country is so fucked if there’s ever a serious need for serious liquidy ala a california earthquake or other untold disater out there

    these guys are litereally setting up the NEXT financial meltdown

    just like every war plants the seeds for the NEXT war

  6. drummerboy

    at least macke knows what a fuck up looks far as bennie is concerned, all is fine.