Thursday, December 8, 2016
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Forgive Me…

Obviously putting one’s life on hold knocks everything out of whack. Even after a week with no civility, no top hat, Caveman Style, we’ve done our best to give to charity, primarily children’s clothes.

The press does not do justice to the areas hardest hit. Interesting how Midtown Manhatten is never punished for their sins…

I have a lot to say about the election and markets but must compose my thoughts over the next few days. Please be patient with me for a more detailed accounting. I will however, be tweeting mental farts whenever I feel the need. @createcapital

Please stay tuned!

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  1. Jakegint

    Hope you are warm and safe, Scotty.


  2. clegger_2000

    OK take care and be safe.

  3. drummerboy

    i’m sorry bro.take care of your own first. the hell with the politics and the rest,it aint goin anywhere.

  4. Woodshedder

    Glad you are managing. Hope things get much better much faster.

  5. Mad_Scientist

    What did you mean by this:

    “Interesting how Midtown Manhatten is never punished for their sins…” ?

    Be well, sir.