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Government Monsters

Holy shit, is the U.S. government filled with evil morons? You have to recognize that they’re morons, steadily fucking the nation over with each passing second. But are they evil too?

These ingrates wait until after the summer bank slaughtering, after Berkshire puts $5B into BAC. After the emotion of fear of bank failure passes at least temporarily, and after the banks start to look like they’re possibly forming a bit of a bottom.


Are they trying to ruin this country? Seriously, the fucking stock market is at the bottom of this country’s foundation, which is why Ben has been attempting to force people into it along with housing for over 2 years now. BUT THE GOVERNMENT IS ATTEMPTING TO TAKE IT DOWN.

Now, all that said, the market is really setting up for a bear trap here, at least today. Let me propose this situation: The market opens down, but fails to continue the downside. Into the long weekend, a weekend that will end with the return of pro’s from summer vacation and the “start” to fall, the bulls step up and take this market back to flat or up. How quickly do you think the bears will start to cover if the bulls make a stand here, after the market open?

I’m not too worried about it. Not only do I have a fat 80% cash pile but I’ve anchored my portfolio with gold and silver, trading nicely this A.M. thanks to the Euro crisis ruining fiat currencies.

When the market is being supported by government intervention, gold trades in lockstep with equities thanks to inflation. When the market is getting killed because countries (and their currencies) are going to fail, gold trades up as a fear asset. I almost always side with Austrian economics rather than Keynesian, so I certainly understand the argument for gold and silver. But I certainly felt safer buying gold sub $1000/oz and silver sub $15/oz.

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Fuck It.

I just can’t help myself. I had to buy into this down day just a little, addicted to fucking gambling. Seriously, what is the difference between stock picking and handicapping athletic events, or something like that? Sure, the set of rules that governs who wins and who loses the athletic event, as well as the set that governs how you make money off the winners/losers are both different. But essentially, you’re just laying out an amount of money in an attempt to receive back a larger amount. The key in both is the edge you have. In stocks, I have a good fucking edge. So fuck a buy list, here are some actual buys.

2000 GSVC below 15.45

1500 FL below 20.35

600 BKF below 42.20

1800 WNR below 17.20

800 GDXJ below 37.35

2000 CENX below 11.55

1000 SIL @ 27.84

If we’re to sell-off wildly tomorrow after the jobs report, then I still have an ~80% cash pile to protect me and continue to build the positions. If we’re to stabilize and continue up, then I have some skin in the game. Either way, I’m prepared for follow through action.

I’m basing these purchases on a portfolio with $1,000,000 in funds. I’ll post performance data regularly.

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Let’s Get A Few Things Straight

First, thank you. I feel at home here as the KoPG, like this throne was built for me. It fits the shape of my ass very nicely.

I plan on being very active, like a blogger should be. I plan on making at least as many good trades as bad, then counting them against each other regardless of position sizing. In the end, I am promising to achieve at least 50% returns in this month. But I’m going to use my own special kind of math, so you may not understand or agree.

I’m going to keep it real ova heah, so let me first start by saying to all the need to thank Fly for what he is doing. You realize this guy is keeping a wildly successful, proprietary algo private for you slackers when he could sell the shit and probably instantly retire? Jake is also on his PM game and Cain lays it down post after post. Chess cheats at poker but clearly doesn’t at stocks, and in tandem with RC, operates an enormously attractive trading community. Wood brings the wood from a statistical standpoint, making clear to most readers that he is smarter than you. On the other hand, I love reading his stuff. Statistics is a cool subject. Scotty B.’s posting frequency is probably the lowest, but his take is original, genuine, often opposite the masses and even more often accurate. This site is the real deal, and I’m happy to be a part of it as KoPG even if it’s for just one month.

Lastly, my take on the current markets is this. Summer is almost over and I want to be long heading into the fall. I don’t know if we’ll repeat last year, though I doubt it. I’ll have to be quicker and more willing to throw on some portfolio hedges and may even short some stuff in an effort to reduce risk. Sitting in 100% cash one week after my return from traveling, though, and I’m nipping at the bit to buy some shit. As I noted in The PPT and on my blog (http://chivotrades.com), it makes more sense logically to wait until after the econ data is released tomorrow, a mere 24 hours.

So, I’m going to list my buy list today and prepare some bids. I’m going to work out later today with some body-weight exercise HIIT training. And maybe later I’ll consider putting the finishing touches on my space-alien rocket-ship laser destroyer machine that I’ve been constructing in preparation for this moment, sitting in my throne as KoPG, in order to shoot the Fly down and steal his secrets. More to come on this.


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Space Aliens and shit

I find few things as interesting as space aliens and shit. Not talking about space alien magicians, thats an entire other topic.

In the news on PPT I see this.http://ibankcoin.com/news/2011/08/19/nasa-aliens-may-exterminate-humanity-to-save-galaxy/

Now, for some time, I have been curious about all the TV and Movie stories coming out about aliens. I mean, its nothing but aliens attacking earth and so on. Fallen skies,cowboys and aliens, and many more like that.

One can say these are fades like vampire movies, however perhaps its something more insidious then that.

Perhaps, there is much more to it then that. haha

I hear they have been shorting our markets to soften us up for an invasion.

you have been warned.



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whats going on?

This is one ride I should have not bought a ticket for. Always respect The PPT. thats the bottom line. It called it.

So lets see here, VXX is getting taken over on a leverage buy-out by Icahn, euro banks are showing that they are broke just like the countries. And I will most likely sell my TZA too early.

Its messy and only a brave man would step in right here, right now. The PPT says what it says, do I listen or wait?

So many questions.. So, what are all of YOU gonna do?



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Do you know the answers?

How about this, fuck your face. Thats the answer I give to you fools who only wish they could buy a farging clue.

I piss on all of you as I drink your mothers milk shakes.

I got one for you,
question, who gets bought out first? AMAC, ETFC, WLT?

The winner of this will make a shit ton of coin, maybe get a night out with me and will no longer be a pussy.

2nd place, you get a set of steak knifes to kill yourself with.



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