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Higher Healthcare Costs if Commuting Grandma Gets Run Over By a Reindeer

In between leaving shiny apples on Ben Bernanke’s desk, Steve Liesman, resident annoying dork at CNBC,¬†is out with a piece about older women increasingly rejoining the workforce. While this may help out employers in terms of ¬†higher levels of productivity from experienced workers, it is sure to raise healthcare costs.

(Source: CNBC)


[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iG5VPji-SpU 550 412]

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DANGER: China’s Stock Market Bears Up Against It

Despite copper at 11-week lows amid China demand concerns, the daily chart of the Shanghai Composite is pretty clearly breaking out above multi-month resistance. Although the copper theme may indeed be valid, the amount of liquidity sloshing around throughout the capital markets could easily cause the well-to-do China bears (James Chanos, Hugh Hendry, etc.) to be squeezed into oblivion, as money rotates out of commodities and into the Chinese mainland markets.


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Is Carl Icahn Playing Liar’s Poker with the Stock Market?

Recently, there has been quite a stir about whether Carl Icahn is actually as bearish on the stock market as he seems to be, in light of a recent letter he wrote to his investors announcing he would return all outside capital. In essence, it appears that he is playing it safe, and does not want to bear the responsibility to limited partners in the event we see another market swoon.

Insider Monkey, however, believes that Icahn is actually quite bullish on the stock market. The excess cash could easily be used by Icahn to lever up his long exposure. He has also not really hinted at selling core holdings. Food for thought, indeed.

At any rate, courtesy of The PPT, here are Icahn Capital LP’s top holdings.

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