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Late Day Stuff

I spent all of today reviewing my holdings and tightening up my stops. I got stopped out of several stocks like VZ, TLT, and IEF, with profits intact.

Just know that you are a certifiable gunslinging rally monkey if you bought in today. There is no need to jump the gun. The market is at an inflection point and teeter-tottering toward stardom or asshattery. Your choice, but choose carefully, and get ready to be “cleavered” if you’re wrong.

My point being that you should be waiting for confirmation from whatever indicators you’re using (assuming they’re good) and not trying to guess what the market, or even your indicators will print.

As for me, I rarely follow the admonishments I dish out to internet types, preferring to “cowboy up”, flying by the seat of my pants, ready to change the rules in case I get bored.

That is all.

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