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Deja Deja Vu Vu

I just have some “glass half empty” thoughts today. Remember, I believe nothing and nobody. Everyone lies to keep markets higher at any and all cost.


“Bitcoin?” Relegated to the “Trillion Dollar Coin” junk heap. Any other stupid ideas? I’m sure there will be. There always is.

North Korea? They have nothing to lose and they will attack something with real bullets. Someone will call it “Transitory or Isolated”. Probably Bernanke.

Cyprus? They need two days of American POMO. Confiscating money from passive accounts will be widespread in Europe soon. That’s why all the capital is here in the good old U.S of A.

China? Don’t worry about them. They know not to deflate the bubble all the way. BTW–their equity markets “suck”.

Japan? What does a trillion Yen equal in Dollars? Does it matter?

Walmart? Nobody wants to work there, nor do anything else for minimum wage. The only jobs available are either minimum wage that nobody wants or highly specialized that few are qualified for.

Housing? Its recovery is a sham. Every mortgage is still sold to FNMA, etc. Stabilization perhaps. And its ancilliary stocks are wildly overvalued.

Healthcare, Utilities and other defensives? The wimp way to equity exposure. But what the wimps don’t know is that that they are also wildly overpriced.

Small Cap stocks? They have been the speculative leadership and they are now seeing a good deal of profit taking. It is deserved and overdue.

Industrials and metals? Nobody needs them because there is no industrial growth. Someone knows this is fact.

Transportation stocks? Just a function of mega-trend-following “investment”. They will all disappoint, like FDX, but it won’t matter to their stocks.


Look, it is April and your 401k money is due. Like every year previous since 2009, new money must pay the yearly high. The only difference is that this year we have free money every day with no end in sight. Expect a fade, as there are negative technical signs everywhere. Would a 30-50 point SPX pullback scare anyone? I doubt it. The Costanza market remains alive and well.

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  1. lulusteel

    Dead on like usual. Thanks Scott…

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  2. drummerboy

    all hail the “costanza”.

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  3. Chauncey Gardiner
    Chauncey Gardiner

    “Costanza Market”, huh?… Which episode?
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKUvKE3bQlY -or-

    Gawd, I miss that show. Thanks for the deja vu, Scott.

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  4. Mr. Partridge

    nice post.


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  5. Yabollox

    Much sneering mockery of everything. Do you have any serious commentary? If you can’t amass much wealth in banks without risking confiscation, where does that money go? Stocks? bonds? collectables? real estate? Do those assets go on up in value as currency slides down? Are all central banks racing each other to the bottom?

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