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Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

Some of my stocks have been poleaxed and their nose hairs pulled out, painfully, of course. My buying last week was met with selling, effectively causing me to hit the wall in my small cap sportscar at 95 mph. Not to worry.

Does this phase me? Yes, and no, not really. 

Yes, because my portfolio has lost a little equity, having been stopped out of AAI, COMS, GGP, and other shinola too numerous for me to name (I don’t care to either). However, many of these stupid stocks have stripped out small to large sized profits from Mr. Market, so I’m still winning the war.

In addition, just know that institutions are net buyers and have been since early December. They’ve also been buying corporate bonds—the financial company type, since early December as well. It’s called accumulation, which many of you trader-types know nothing about, since you personally buy and sell on a dime, literally.

Armageddon is baked into this market, and it may look like we’re going to fall off the cliff again, but we’re not ready yet. Not just yet, anyway. See, need I remind you that the Obama-rally is on the horizon? Change…Yes, we can,….and all that jazz.

Use this healthy pullback to buy.  I am keeping a watchful eye on the institutions and planning to take The PPT hostage for a kings ransom, if they delay their buy programs. Just don’t get caught by the shakeout that is in progress. Strengthen thy hands and act like you got a pair.

That is all. Carry on.


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