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Facebook is now facing you!

That’s right!  If you have an Android phone, you can now install Facebook on your home screen and you will have Facebook facing you everyday.  Wow!  Isn’t that fantastic?

Yes! Yes! It is absolutely fantastic because the stock price has been going up.  With regard to the Android Facebook home screen, I leave it to you to decide.

Take a look at the 10m $FB chart below:



Isn’t that a beauty?  Although I had a close call of almost getting stop out at breakeven.  Thanks goodness price never got to my stop.  Whew!  However, when $FB started to bounce near my stop, I added some more. I also added more when it got to the high $26.xx area.

Below is the daily chart.



Notice that the 5m moving average line is going to be crossing the 15m moving average line.  This is confirmation of a bottom here.  At least, it improves the statistical significance of a bottom being formed.

My 2 cents.

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Here is a good looking bounce for $IMUC

The bounce happens right at the uptrend line.  Like a perfect orchestrated maneuver, price bounces on cue.

Take a look at the daily chart below and you know what I mean.

Notice how the fast stochastics line below begin to turn up.

Remember, just because I sold out my position for small losses doesn’t mean I’m not watching it anymore.  You see, by cutting my small losses earlier, I get to buy $IMUC back on a cheap in the right place with a good risk/reward ratio.  This is what swing trade is all about.  Of course, it won’t work like this all the times but it will work enough that you know cutting losses earlier is the way to go.

And yes, this bounce has yet to prove itself; but I like it here better than when I was holding it from high up.

My 2 cents


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Tomorrow is judgement day

Be prepared to hold on to your wallet…

In order for the Evening star to be confirmed totally bearish, price needs to take out the low of today and never look back.

Currently, $SPY is making a valiant attempt to bounce back.  Will it hold?

Which way will it go tomorrow?

Stay tune.

Meanwhile I’ve raised my cash level to 61%.

Be safe.

My 2 cents.

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Here comes the dreaded evening star

Well, we are finally being dealt the dreaded evening star bearish candlestick formation.  And the worst part is that it is occurring at the level of GW2 which is usually an indication of a topping pattern.  In a manner of speaking, the probability of a nasty correction is high.  So, hold on to your rail or cut your losses.

Like The Fly, I’m building up cash by getting rid of my swing trades except for the recent biotech I’ve bought ($MNKD & $APRI) and $FB.  However, once these three start to turn red, I’ll dump them for cash.

Below is the daily $SPY chart:


Look at that ugly red bar today? Yuk!  Notice also that the short-term up-trendline is broken soundly as of now.

Currently holding 43% cash.

Be safe.

My 2 cents.

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Is April a good month for $APRI

I’m betting it is.

$APRI has this special ointment that will give you an erection if you are not suitable to take Viagra; theoretically,  you escape all the side-effect of Viagra.  I traded and made money on this one before and I believe its time has come again.  They have partnered with Abbott to launch their boner-medicine, Vitaros, in Canada.  They are expecting a full launch in the first half of this year; thus, giving that it is April already, can news of coming full launch be the catalyst to drive the price up?  Please click here for more information if you are interested.

Meanwhile, the chart looks like it is ready to move up.


I bought a starter position on $APRI this morning as well.

My 2 cents.

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Is mannkind breaking out from here?

Hey fella, you misspelled mankind! 

Oop! I meant the stock Mannkind ($MNKD).

This one is a biotech stock which I have shy away in the past because they have this inhalation for diabetes medicine.  I was thinking, “who want to inhale insulin into their lung for diabetes?

But then I asked myself, “but isn’t that how people get high on pot anyway?

Of course!

So, giving the daily chart showing a breakout; I bought a starter position.


This post is not as timely as my twitter update since I’ve bought $MNKD earlier than when I’m typing this post.   I got pulled away not too long after I bought.  Therefore, please follow me on twitter if you want a timely update on what I’m up to.

My 2 cents.

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Look like $S(print) really wants to sprint

Despite a negative $SPY all day, $S acting like a hyperactive child wanting to go out to play.

Take a look at the hourly chart below:



It is still showing a positive uptrend and no sign of even a minor correction.

Below is the daily chart:



It looks like the only thing holding it back is the negative market sentiment; with a positive market sentimental, this child wants to run out of its four years bondage under $6.xx.

Needless to day, I added more to what I bought in the morning.

My 2 cents.

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$DCTH holding steady as it goes…

$DCTH has me going back and forth in the morning but I eventually stay the course albeit holding only 67% of original position.  Not to be too greedy, I lightening up due to the volatility this morning.

If you look at the 15m chart and the daily chart below, it does look like $DCTH is getting ready for the next leg up.

I may add more if price action takes out intra-day high today.

Below is the 15m chart:


Below is the daily chart:DCTH_daily


Notice that price action stays on top of the 5 & 15 moving average lines which to me is bullish.

My 2 cents.

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Analysis of The Fly’s Smart Money Top Picks

I took The Fly’s Smart Money Top Picks and filtered out the stock symbols that was picked by more than one fund.  Below is the list.

By assuming these Smart Money are “smart”, you also have to assume that any stock that is picked by more than one fund has to be a “darling” stock for a bigger percentage of the “smart money” holding, right?  No?  Oh well, let’s play along for the sake of discussion.


Stock # of Fund
 AIG 2
 CVI 2
 FSL 2
 HCA 2
 NSM 2
 S 2
 SIG 2

At first, I was going to post a chart for each of the symbol in the above list but then it would expand this post to be too long; so I would stick to the ones that I saw as good “potential”.  Yes, that’s right, I’m showing the ones where I will put my “smart money” to hitch the ride.

You do realize that the term “smart money’ is always in a state of flux, right?  You can be smart money one moment and then you are not. 

Anyway, below are my favorites:

I like $HCA and $LIFE because we are heading into an explosive aging population.  Our health science has improved longevity among all classes of seniors (70’s to the 90’s) that will require more healthcare services. (Hint: another reason I’m betting big on $AMRN.)

Look at the $HCA weekly chart below, it is making new high here.


Look at the $LIFE weekly chart below, it is going to break out to make new high soon.


I also like $S here. Take a look at the weekly chart below.  Did you see the long long consolidation period going back to  2009?  It looks like it is going to breakout of the current cup & handle pattern.  This chart looks like a long-term breakout is imminent.


My last pick is $YNDX. This is a Russian $BIDU in the making.  I missed the $BIDU runner, maybe this one will make it up?  Does it look like an ascending triangle to you?


My 2 cents.

Oh, I almost forget, a special thanks to The Fly for sharing the Smart Money Top Picks for our perusal.

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Spike up on $DCTH. Is this for REAL this time?

I certainly hope so!  Did I just use the word “hope”?  Strike that out!  I should say, “Look like it!”

I’m talking about $DCTH.  I bought in this morning because I’m “sure” price has to go back up in light of coming FDA decision in May-June.  So, I’ve been stalking this one everyday and looking to buy back in when I see some movement.  This morning, I saw movement so I bought back in.  Good thing I did.

The question is, “will this spike up hold and continue?”  I’m betting it will by adding more at this level.

Take a look at the daily chart below:



I was out all morning so I missed the $PACB run-up as well.  You can’t win them all…

My 2 cents.

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