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Daily Journal update

Today Portfolio Adjustment (03-18-2013)

At the open, SP500 was down only -14 when the night before it was -22+; therefore, it was actually a bullish open if you compared to last night. Nevertheless, after watching for a few minutes, I decided to sell the uranium based stocks first because these are usually the most susceptible during an international crisis.

Then I sold $HW simply because I believed the odd of profit-taking was high on this one during a general market correction.

Next, I put a protective stop on $BBRY under the Friday low but it got stopped out in no time.

$CGEN had been weak since I bought so I didn’t want to hold this one any longer especially in a market correction; thus, I just placed my sell order in pieces to sell the rest but was surprised I got some good fills as opposed to tanking the price.

Figuring that since I sold $CGEN, I might as well lighten up my biotech holding by selling $PACB as well.

I also felt I was over-weighted on $SYZM, carrying $CDXS seemed excessive so out it went.

$SZYM rallied first and I was impressed; then later it began to sell off back to even for the day. I decided it was time to lighten up so I could buy it back cheap later; so I sold 38% of my position.

Slowly the market began to turn.

Seeing that there was no 200 pts drop and that the SPY was actually moving up, I decided to buy back my $DNN for a price below my sales price this morning.

Then I saw the bounce on $DCTH and thought it was a good time to jump back in. There is only about a month and a half before FDA result, so I figured that this bounce could be the start of the next rally.

$CUR also looked good on the chart so I bought.

$IMUC was struggling but it still looked solid; so I leave it alone.

$BBRY went over $15 after I was stopped out so I bought back starter position after it came back to low $15.

I was half expecting $PACB to collapse but it didn’t; so I bought it back since it was forming a doji bar. A doji bar on top of the 79 & 89 ma looks like a possible turning point to me.

I read up some documents over the weekend on $TINY and I’m convinced that this may be the year for $TINY to shine. Thus, I increased my position size by 62%. Basically, the money I salvaged from my sales of $USU was piled into $TINY.

$AAPL is the only shining stock in my portfolio today.

Today down market is not a good day for my two large position trades ($LRAD & $AMRN); thus, my portfolio is now taking heat. However, I usually don’t pay much attention to my portfolio balance when it is the position trades that drag it down since I consider it as an expected draw-down.

However, I’ll have major issue if my portfolio is dragged down by my swing trades position. If this is the case, that means I’m not cutting loss when I should be. Since I don’t have any expectation of my swing trades making killer move, so I don’t try to hold it when I’m losing.

On the other hand, I expect that when my position trades make the big move, it will more than cover all the paper loss and more.

With the Dow closing less than 100 points today, I think we have a healthy correction. so, let’s get on with taking out the Giant Wall 2 please.

Currently holding $LRAD, $AMRN, $AAPL, $TINY,$SZYM, $DCTH, $DNN, $IMUC, $CUR, $PACB, $BBRY and 25% cash.

My 2 cents.

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Today Portfolio Adjustment (03-15-2013)

In the morning, I bought a starter position on $BBRY below $15 and put a stop below the low of the day; so far, I haven’t been stopped out yet.  This is good news.  If it starts to move up next week, I’ll add more.  For some reason, I believe in the come-back of $BBRY; maybe because Blackberry products has always been a quality products used by millions before $AAPL iphone dethrones them.

$AAPL was strong all day despite the Samsung Galaxy S4 fanfare. That suit me just fine since I’m already long. I actually added more since price action took out the $439 previous 3/11 pivot high. Will I be able to ride this one all the WAY up this time? Hmmm… I’ll be bringing my trailing stop with me on this one.

I also bought back $PACB since I saw the bounce on the chart. Unlike $DCTH which continues to head south due to the heavy burden of dilution, $PACB doesn’t have that baggage.

There were some bids at CGEN so I peeled another layer off by selling some more to reduce my position size. Yes, I took loss on that as well.

Remember, to take loss on your own term means you are salvaging back your cash for other opportunities. By taking loss on both $DCTH & $PACB yesterday, I save myself from further grief with $DCTH but still have the ability to get back in $PACB for the bounce.

Did you see how $USU tanked deeper in the last hour today?  This is further proof that taking loss earlier can save your ass big times.  Stop worry about selling at the bottom because you can always buy back (albeit a bit higher price, so what?).  Learn to worry how much more you can get hurt; by thinking this way, you can move quickly to cut your loss sooner.

And I started to build my position on $TINY. I believe nanotechnology may be replacing the 3D printer as the next popular science focus. Did you see how $DDD fall from the grace. Ouchie for those who still holds it.

I’m thinking of replacing my former $USU position play with $TINY. Let see how it goes.

Since $CDXS is related to $SZYM, both were disappointing today but I can understand the hesitation of the market participants in this sector. More patience is needed. I’ve learned my lesson in trading this one too often. Now, these two “may” be another longer term hold. Not because I don’t want to take loss (my loss is insignificant at this point) but to allow more room for this to move. The more we move into the future, the more REAL $SZYM is.  This is due to the availability of facilities coming online to produce the bio-fuel in size. In other words, I’m going to sit through the volatility for the coming wake-up call to higher price.

$HW continues its slow ascend; therefore no action is required.

All uranium positions are doing great today, especially $DNN, so no action is required.

Both $LRAD & $AMRN are up; so my portfolio are coming back up slowly.

Currently holding:


My 2 cents.

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Today Portfolio Adjustment (03-14-2013)

After hearing the good news on $BBRY having a committed one million units order, I figured that should be the catalyst to drive to stock to over $16.  So, I wait after the open to give the price action more room to settle down.  I bought a starter position at a decent $15.5x area with the morning low at $15.2x.  At price began to climb, I added.  I put a stop below the $15.2x low and left it alone.  I was busy all morning so I didn’t have time to watch the market most of the morning.

Later morning came in and I was hit with two surprises.  I bought $PACB in the morning when price was just sitting on the $2.30 support;  so, I figured it would be a good calculated risk.  No! price was tracking below $2.20.  One looked at the chart and I knew what I had to do.  I dumped the stock to take the loss.

Same deal with $DCTH.  In the morning, $DCTH acted like it would shrug off the dilution and stabilize around $1.8x before the next leg run up similar to $CLDX.  No! $DCTH was tracking $1.7x.  Again, one looked at the chart and I had to sell it pronto.  As you can see, I love to take losses! (grin)

$BBRY no longer was showing on my portfolio screen; apparently, I was stopped out with a small loss!  What’s a disappointment!

$CGEN did not look good but it wasn’t as bad as $DCTH and $PACB; so I decided to give it some more time and room to prove itself.

So, what do I do next?  Then I remember $IMUC from tpain when he asked me about it in previous post.  I checked the chart and lo and behold, the red bar that looked to violate the uptrend line was no longer intimidating.  There were now two green bars after that which kept the prices inside the ascending triangle.  Not to miss the potential move up to take out the triangle, I decided to give this one a try and bought as starter position.  At least, the chart looks so much better than the $PACB & $DCTH as of now.

I also came across $CDXS.  I don’t remember how I’ve come across it but it is in my watch list.  $CDXS exhibited a breakout to the upside by taking out the resistance line of $2.57.  So that was a no brainer and I bought some.  What tickled me about $CDXS was that it was somehow related to $SZYM.  I see a great future in $SZYM so I’m naturally drawn to the potential of $CDXS as well.  Chart looked good so I bought some.

$SZYM, although down from $9, is still trading within the uptrend line; I’m holding long even though my position is a bit under water.

I’m happy to see my $AAPL still hanging on.  My stop was not hit.  So, I’m still in.

The uranium stocks CCJ, DNN, URA all looked steady so I left them alone.

I came across $HW while reviewing the ETF price charts.  One of the ETF exhibited a strong trend (I can’t remember the symbol now) so I looked at the stocks that made up the ETF.  One of them was $HW.  I like the look of the chart and I like the fact that it is associated with the rising house-building market which also happens to be The Fly’s thesis.

Again, a good looking chart and a solid price action made this a no brainer buy.

Current holdings:


My 2 cents.


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Today portfolio adjustment (3-13-2013)

At the morning, after seeing $PACB gapped down to the level where my entry point was, I took the opportunity to close out my position at breakeven- effectively giving up all paper gain.

Next up was $CGEN.  Price action took out yesterday low which was an inverted hammer and that was not a good sign.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much bids below and any selling would create a waterfall price drop.  To minimize my own exposure I also sold 30% of my position when the bids were at some price points.  I gave back paper gain and took a small loss.  It was a good thing that I was away from my desk during the hour $CGEN tanked all the way to low $5.2x which spared me any negative reaction.  Fortunately, price action corrected all the way back above $5.5x by the time I came back to the desk.  Since liquidity is so thin on this stock, I have to give it more room to flex.  Still holding 70% of original position.

$RPTP was having problem taking out the high of yesterday after I added.  Seeing both $PACB and $CGEN took a dump in the morning, I felt booking profit would help my mental state since I had to give back paper gain for the last three biotech stocks.  It is important to keep a mental balance during the trading period.

I saw the $AAPL spike in the intraday chart and decided that it “could” be the bottom that I was looking for.  I took a starter position and was not stopped out yet.

I also saw the stability of $DCTH and decided to venture back in with only half-size position.  I was in the money by end-of-day but after hour was a different story since $DCTH was selling $50m worth of shares.  Ouch again!  However, this may or may not have a long term negative impact.  $CLDX also had a negative reaction to the dilution on the first day of the announcement but it was able to brush off the news and headed 71% higher afterward.  So, let’s see if $DCTH can do the same thing giving that it’s waiting for FDA approval on its technology.  I will monitor it tomorrow before deciding what to do.

After seeing the chart on $DNN, I’m confident that uranium correction from January rally is about over.  Therefore, I made up my mind to buy back the three uranium positions I sold earlier to lock in profit.  Thus, I bought $CCJ for a good price thanks to the correction today as well as $URA.

Last, $USU tanked big in the latter part of the day and I just had enough of it.  Turned out that the Senator might not be allocating the required sum to $USU due to limitation of resource.  Along with the fear of reverse split, coming note payment, and more dilution, you have a perfect storm for a demise of $USU despite the Gov’t good intention.  Seeing that I could still get 60% of my original investment back if I sold today, I decided to take the opportunity to do so.  Tomorrow may be a bounce day or it may as well be another 10+% drop day; however, I like the odd of knowing that I can get my 60% now.  Again, this is the case of dealing with the hand you have now instead of speculating of what may happen tomorrow when you have a major decision to make.  Since my overall portfolio from this morning had already accounted for the previous drawdown of my $USU position, today % change of $USU was the only incremental negative change to my overall portfolio.

By the end of the day; my current portfolio stands as:


My 2 cents.




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Current portfolio adjustment

I sold $DCTH at breakeven in the morning, practically gave back all the gain from yesterday run-up.  Try a “catch-the-falling-knife” trade by buying under $2 with half-size position but dumped it when it could not hold for small loss.

I sold $BBRY near the opening to lock in profit since price action was tracking down from the start.

I sold $XONE to lock in profit before it turned to loss since both $DDD and $SSYS was struggling in the morning time.

I’m still holding the following biotech stocks:

$AMRN (this is my position trade which make up of 15% of portfolio)

$CGEN.  Since I’m still sitting in decent profit from my entry last Friday, I’m going to give it some more room to work it out.

$PACB.  Same as $CGEN.  I also notice $PACB has a tendency to go up one day and down the next; then up again.  As long as the low for the day is still higher than previous day low, I will give it some room to run.

$RPTP. This one is holding well today and the chart still looks good.  I like to see it goes to $6 soon.

$SZYM.  This one has been extremely difficult for me to trade.  Every time I’ve added, the stock will trade down and then I bailed with loss.  I’ve done it so many times that my losses actually are growing.  And yes, this one always pops back up after I’ve sold as well.  So, I’m going to just grind my teeth and hold this one for an intermediate term.  The prospect of their new facilities coming online in the near future may drive the stock up sooner or later.  (currently 10% of my portfolio)

$LRAD and $USU are part of my position trades (along with $AMRN) since I believe in their future potential (all three positions represent about 40% of my portfolio).

Currently holding 39% cash.

Edit: I added to $RPTP near the close due to its ability to hold the positive ground by end of day.




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