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09-25-2014 Trading Journal

Market, so eager to run up, didn’t see the banana peel, slipped and fell thru several flight of stairs.


Ouch!  Luckily, the 89 MA is there to act as a support.  Will it hold tomorrow?

While the market rolled down flight of stairs, I was fortunate that $LRAD reported new orders from Africa.  This prevented the stock from careening down with everyone else.  It actually ended higher for the day.

Together with a small increase from $IBIO, the gains were enough to reduce the damage from the fallout of $DMRC and $ORBC.  The port gave up 0.6% today with YTD losses at 3.8%.

Current holdings:

LRAD, DMRC, ORBC, IBIO and 6% cash.

My 2 cents.

My reminder:

Wisdom from Warren Buffet:

“With a wonderful business, you can figure out what will happen; you can’t figure out when it will happen. You don’t want to focus on when, you want to focus on what. If you’re right about what, you don’t have to worry about when”



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