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09-23-2014 Trading Journal

Market fell off support and is now heading toward the 79 & 89 support lines.


I can see a bounce coming when it get there.

Just like $LRAD bouncing off the 89 MA line today.


With both momentum indicators all starting to turn upward, there may be a better than 50% chance it may continue higher tomorrow.  We will see.

With gain on $LRAD, my port gained back 1.5% with YTD losses at 3.7%.

I bought a small starter position on $KNDI to test the water and added a bit more $ORBC today.  Other than that, there wasn’t much to do but to wait out the storm in the comfort of a non-margin cash account.

Current holdings:

LRAD, DMRC, ORBC, IBIO, KNDI and 5% cash.

My 2 cents.

My reminder:

Wisdom from Warren Buffet:

“With a wonderful business, you can figure out what will happen; you can’t figure out when it will happen. You don’t want to focus on when, you want to focus on what. If you’re right about what, you don’t have to worry about when”


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