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06-24-2014 Trading Journal

The market had an up & down yoyo day.


Price was higher from the morning but turned negative in the latter half of the trading day.

At the market turned south, I decided to sell my $SWIR position for taking out the $20 support.  $SWIR made an impressive showing coming from negative opening to a positive price action during the late morning.  And when price started to fall off along with the general market, I wanted to reallocate cash to other stocks that showed strength in today drop.

$NMRX and $BIOS were able to resist the falling market; so I added more of these.


$BIOS looked like it wanted to go higher from the last five days of bull-bias small movements.


$NRMX was able to resist the fall and closed even for the day.


$ORBC dropped further to the uptrend line support.  I added a bit more today to build my position.  I like the fact that $ORBC are sending more satellites to space to increase its bandwidth on “Machine to Machine” communication.  The company name, “Orbcomm, Inc.”, has a futuristic ring to it… Ha!

$DMRC corrected a bit with $AMRN bouncing back. While the gain could not offset the losses, it was enough to cushion my loss on my port to 0.9% losses.  YTD gain is now 4.2%.

Current holdings:


From my other account:

I bought $ENRT to add to my cannibis stocks collection.  $ENRT is a mini version of $FITX with a market cap close to 8% of $FITX’s market cap.  A huge difference.  This tell you the people are willing to place a huge market cap value on a good marketing campaign.  $FITX has all the fanfare of name dropping and aggressive “mission” statement that its market cap rivals that of $TWEED who already have a license with similar production capacity to produce and sell.  $FITX’s no license yet position commands quite an impressive market cap.

Thus, I find a small cap company like $ENRT a refreshing opportunity to participate in the cannibis market on the cheap.  Yeah, $ENRT could be a scam, so you say.  The way I look at it, $ENRT has enough of a story behind the company that is no better or worse than $FITX’s.  Both are waiting for Health Canada to give them a license to produce and sell.  So both have the same opportunity to collapse or run higher based on approval status.  But because $ENRT is so tiny right now, any run-up will be more pronounced than $FITX.

Currently, I’ve $MCIG, $TWD.V, and $ENRT for cannabis play.

My 2 cents.



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