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05-28-2014 Trading Journal

The market took a pause today to enjoy the view of the new frontier…


Here we have an “almost” doji bar.  We’ll find out if this a a pause doji or a topping doji by the end of the week.

Today, I had to take a big losses from my $SVBL position ’cause it broke thru below the $0.30 support and I was just getting tired of sitting on dead money for too long.  Ever since I bought $SVBL I had been sitting on red for most of the time I held this stock.  Not only was it not performing, it was tying up money I could use elsewhere.  Thus, when price broker below the $0.30 support, I knew what I had to do.

At first, I unloaded 1/3 of my position and held onto the rest.  Later, when I saw others were dumping as well, I began to unload another third when the bids were still there.  Somehow, once I got the momentum to unload, I felt the urge to unload the rest.  And so I did.  Even though I knew I was taking bigger losses by hitting the bids that were there, I was just glad to be rid of it.  I also knew that I could make my money back by putting the money into more performing stocks.  I figured I probably lost 30% of my principle in this $SVBL position.  Oh yeah, now that I was out, I’m sure this stock will now fly off to the moon. Why do almost everyone thinks like this?


See how price broke thru the long-term support that went all the way back to March of 2013.  For all intent and purpose, I did what I had to do based on one of my trading discipline- cut losses, regardless of how much losses you may end up with, when price broke thru long-term support.

I used some of the proceed to buy more $BIOS.


$BIOS broke thru the long-term resistance and stayed above it.  I wanted to add more so I used the proceed from sales of $SVBL to buy more.  If $BIOS management can grow revenues from here, I can easily make back money I lost from $SVBL.

I also sold $CLDX to lock in profit and to use the fund to buy more $AMRN.


$AMRN spiked up hard in mid-day as you can see in the 5 minute chart above.  Although there were a similar high volume sell-off near the end of the trading day, it was not enough to tank the price back down to the opening range.  Let’s see if there is continuing momentum tomorrow.

Thanks to $SVBL, my port dropped 2.6% today.  YTD gain is now 4.4%.

Current holdings:


From my other account:

While witnessing the continued rally of $FITX since I sold, I steadfastly refused to chase it.  Oh well, either I missed this boat or I save myself the headache of a gapped down stock price in the future.

My 2 cents.





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