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05-15-2014 Trading Journal

Well well well, the newly minted support could not hold and price fell thru its like it was made of paper.


Price began to bounce around mid-day in a slow ant manner.

Naturally, I added to $TZA when price bounced higher.  I then set the hard stop to below intra-day low.  It never hit so i moved the stop to my entry point.  I was making nice dough early in the day;but by afternoon, most of my gain was gone.  My breakeven stop to my adds was hit and when time was near the closing bell, I sold the rest of my $TZA for breakeven as well.  While the S&P500 bounce was not great but it was firm; thus I decided to cancel my $TZA trade.

$KNDI was behaving nicely later in the day by heading back to positive territory so I decided to buy back starter position with the available cash.


Price looks like it is ready to bounce again. I’ll add if price heads higher tomorrow.

$AMRN took a hit today and I added a bit more ’cause I believe price will head back higher in the long run.


Notice that price is now nearing the support that started back in November of last year.  If that support doesn’t hold, I may have to think about cutting losses.

$DMRC was surprisingly strong today despite a down day.


Price closed higher than the down line and it is looking good for a next leg up.

Despite $AMRN big drop today, rallies from $DMRC,and $LRAD offset the losses from AMRN and $SVBL to come out at breakeven for the day.  YTD gain remains at 7.2%

Current holdings:


From my other account:

I sold the rest of $FITX today.  This whole zoning issues with town people to approve the expansion is becoming a hindrance to higher price.  Better sit on the sideline to see what happen.

My 2 cents.




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