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03-19-2014 Trading Journal

The market came out for air yesterday and decided to dive back into the water today.


Back into the consolidation range as the chart above clearly shows.

This turnaround, no doubt, brought my stocks to correct as well.

$SEED began the day strong by trading over $3.00; but price couldn’t handle the ensuing downdraft.


Good thing is that price bounced off from the support. Nevertheless, today spike up to $3 is quite encouraging.

At first, I sold some $KGJI to reduce my exposure and use the proceed to add more $SVA.  Later on, I remembered that $SVA earning was to be released after market close, so I sold out my position to play safe.  Turned out $SVA had better earnings, price went up after hours. I did not feel bad about being on the sideline no more than I feel bad about not playing black or red on the roulette table.  I don’t play, I don’t complain.  It is that simple.

There wasn’t much more to say about the rest of the stocks in my port since they all corrected a bit.  The only thing I could add is that I bought a small $KNDI starter position when price dipped below $19.00.  If price bounces tomorrow, I may add some more if there is cash free-up tomorrow from the three-day settlement.

Current holdings:


From my other account:

$FITX is no exception, it also took a hit like everyone else.


At least, price is still above the downtrend line.

My 2 cents.

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