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03-18-2014 Trading Journal

The market continued to bounce today.


It closed above the range which was a very good sign.

$KNDI opened higher and then went on to take out the high of yesterday.


But that didn’t last, not long after making new high, price dropped like a rock.  My mental stop was triggered and I sold at the market to protect profit.  Price then bounced around b/w the low of the day and yesterday close.  The SeekingAlpha article comparing $KNDI to other biofuel stocks like $FCEL didn’t help either.  I’m going to wait this one out to see what happen before venturing back in.  Although I mentioned that I would hold this one for medium long-term, I do change my mind from time-to-time giving the circumstances surrounding the price action.  Sometimes I’m wrong and sometimes I can get lucky; but I learn to follow my instinct, right or wrong.  Giving enough time, my instinct becomes another tool I use to trade the market.

$CARA continued to bounce.


Price closed above the 5 and 15 MA line.  It does look like we may see a V-shape reversal after-all.  Notice that price bounced today on low volume.  That is why I don’t trust the selling when the float is so small.  You could be cheated out of your shares if you don’t have enough conviction.

$SEED also bounce off the support line today.


And the 5 MA line is now turning back up after touching the 15 MA line. I like to believe $SEED is heading back above $3 soon.

I’m glad to see $MZOR also bounced up.


It was good to see price moved away from the bottom range.

$SVA took out yesterday high and I want to go back in so I bought back some.


If price continues higher, I’ll add more when cash becomes available from the three days settlement.

$KGJI disappointed when price took out the lower range of the consolidation area.


What doesn’t look good is that price is now under the 79 & 89 MA line.  I need to decide what to do with my position real soon.  Perhaps, I will lighten the load a bit.

$LRAD and $SVBL didn’t do much today so I won’t post any chart on them.

Thanks to $SEED and $CARA, my port bounced back up another notch.  Now, my milestone target is only a stone-throw away.

Current positions:


From my other account:

$FITX did a fantastic job blasting out of the downtrend line.


Now, I like to see price takes out the previous high of  $0.10 set up on March 7th.

My 2 cents.

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