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03-04-2014 Trading Journal

Market staged a spectacular rally after a gap-up.


Look at the spike up!

$KNDI also followed with its own spike-up as well.


However, I’m spooked by the narrow range doji formation at the top. Although it has not been confirmed to be one, the doji at the top reminds me of the island top reversal pattern.   Thus, despite my better judgement, I made the difficult decision to sell all my $KNDI shares to lock in profit even though I like this one for long-term.

Another main reason I wanted to lock in profit today is because my port has finally reached a milestone in term of a specific target I’ve dreamt of achieving.  In a manner of speaking, I’ve broken my own “sound barrier” record.  As such, I like to see this new milestone frozen for a few days by locking in my biggest gain so that any temporary correction of $KNDI will not drop my port back below today high.

$MZOR was up slightly but I added some to round up my investment size.


Price is now banging against the top range of the consolidation.  Let’s see if it can breakout to the upside this week.

$CARA was also up today and it was fighting to stay above $22 all day but failed at the end.


At first, I sold some to lock in profit.  But the more I think of its potential as a pain-killer drug, the more I want to stay in with my trading shares; thus I bought back the shares I sold in the morning plus some before market closed.  Let’s see if this one can continue upward this week.

The rest of my positions provided minimum impact on my port.  Thus, today $KNDI, once again, took my port to a whole new level.  I’m sure I may regret getting out today but I need a rest to enjoy the view for a moment.

Current holdings:

LRAD, MZOR, CARA, SEED, KGJI, SVA and 32% cash.

From my other account:

$FITX fell off the cliff and even I found it disturbing for a moment.  Thanks goodness price bounced back up eventually.


See how price bounced off the 79 MA line?  Magical!  With such high volume to back up the bounce, the odd of continuing upward is high.

My 2 cents.

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