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02-26-2014 Trading Journal

Why do I get a feeling that today is a groundhog day?  The SPY and $KNDI were doing almost the same thing as yesterday.


As the daily chart reflected, $SPY did another yesterday with a neutral day.

Now look at $KNDI.


Another long-tail doji that mimicked yesterday bar. Again, the chart is still bullish.  Perhaps, third time is a charm tomorrow?

$CERS, of course, collapsed after open.


I pretty much sold all my shares not long after open while I still had a small profit to lock in.  But I gave back a huge chunk of unrealized gain.  I sold ’cause I didn’t want to deal with the after-shock of the collapse.  Based on the earning transcript, look like we won’t hear from FDA until the 2nd half of this year.  That is another four months to go.  Thus, I’m going to move on to something else in the meantime.

With the available cash from sales of $CERS, I added to $MZOR, bought $SVA, $ATOS, and $APRI.

I bought $ATOS looking for the bounce;


and $APRI looking for a breakout against resistance.


Both fell backward before close.  Let’s see how they go tomorrow.

Because $KNDI fell back down to neutral zone after a strong morning rally, my port was pushed back one step by the fall of $CERS.

Small rallies from $KNDI, $SEED, $MZOR, and $KGJI helped cushioned the $CERS loss a bit.

I almost forgot, I sold $HALO ’cause price broke below yesterday low.  Since $HALO is another Baker Brother’s pick ($CERS too), I felt that the fall of $CERS may eventually affect $HALO as well.  This logic didn’t make sense but I went along with it anyway.

Current holdings:


From my other account:

I added some more $FITX to round up my position size.  I’m done buying.  Now I’ll just wait and see.FITX_daily

As you can see on the chart, $FITX closed near the support.   Let’s see if this can bounce tomorrow.

My 2 cents.

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