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01-28-2014 Trading Journal

Market had a bounce today!


See how the green bar today closed above the 79 & 89 MA lines with the blue support line right below the 89 MA line?   Giving the after hour SP500 is currently up 9.70 points, we are looking good for a continuing rally from here.

Well guess what… most of my positions were bouncing up today as well.

$LRAD landed a $4 million deal that helped price rally up today.


As you can see on the daily chart above, price closed solidly above the consolidation range.  Let’s see if it can take off from here.  All we need is a few more million dollars deal with other countries and $LRAD is on its way to $3 buck.  Btw, due to my large position in $LRAD in term of shares volume, today price action has brought $LRAD back to the top in my portfolio in term of dollar size.  $KNDI, due to its recent correction, is now back to second place.

$KNDI also bounced back inside the consolidation range which was what I was expecting.


I like to see price climbs back up to the upper range of the consolidation range and takes off from there.  If there is any news regarding another big city coming on board with $KNDI car sharing program, price will take out the recent high in a NY minute.

$SEED and $CERS bounced some as well while $KGJI and $TINY were neutral.

It was really too bad I didn’t get cash released today ’cause I would have jumped right back into $GALE at the open.  I considered today a waste of an opportunity.  Oh well…

Overall, my portfolio had a nice bounce today.

Current holdings:

LRAD, KNDI, SEED, KGJI, CERS, TINY and 13% cash.

My 2 cents.

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