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01-24-2014 Trading Journal

Well, the market finally had its big down day for 2014.  It was not really a surprise but it is still too early to call this a trend reversal.


Notice how the support (blue line) and the 79 & 89 MA lines are joining together in the 177 $ 178 range.  This areas are a major support and if it is breached, then this is something we’ve to take into consideration regarding the possible trend reversal.  But for now, let’s see if price will bounce next week.

My portfolio was also taking a hit due to the continuing downdraft of $KNDI.  Being my largest position, I’ve to take the heat of any correction that comes with it (for now, they are mostly give back of unrealized gain). Size cuts both way so I’m not going to complain because I know that when the trend resumes, the size will carry the portfolio much higher as well.


Notice that price is still trading inside the consolidation range.  Did you also see that the lower range of the consolidation area is also coincide with the 38% fib retracement?  These are major support I’ve to keep any eye on.

Considering the huge down day, I thought $LRAD was holding very well.


$LRAD formed a doji bar which could be a possible pause before the bounce back higher.  Price still closed above the 15 MA line.  What I really like to see is that $LRAD takes over from here to carry my portfolio while $KNDI and other positions are going thru their consolidating phases.

$SEED also had a big correction that took back a chunk of my unrealized gain.


Since the decision regarding the two GM seeds has not been announced yet from China, I see this as only a temporary situation. Notice that price is still trading above the 15 MA line support.

$KGJI, like everyone else, also corrected and dipped back down below the support.


Again, price also closed above the 15 MA line.  Although it is a bearish engulfment bar, let’s see if price can bounce next week to invalidate the bearish stance.

I bought back $GALE with the free cash to “buy the blood” as the saying goes.


While price closed below my entry point, price stopped at the 50% fib retracement point.  Let’s see if it can bounce next week.  I bought back in $GALE because of $INSY’s price action.  I was amazed at $INSY ability to bounce back from its previous gap-down ’cause $INSY major revenues stream is their Fentanyl drug for breakthrough pain.  I’m the believer that $GALE’s own Abstral (Fentanyl) will have a positive surprise in their next earning reports.  Thus, I’m willing to buy back $GALE at this level.

The secondary offering of $ATOS offered me an opportunity to initiate position as a steep discount.  I read about $ATOS from The Fly’s post but thought it was too late to buy and I wasn’t going to chase it due to my limit knowledge of this company.  I didn’t spend a lot of time to research ’cause most of my money was tied up at the time.  Now, that I got free cash and price had come back down due to the secondary offering, I was willing to take my chance from this level.  $ATOS has a story ’cause it allows women to perform a preliminary screening on their own before scheduling for a mammogram.  Just imaging a woman finding a very tiny lump on her breast.  The worry begins but not intense enough to call the doctor yet.  “It could be a benign cyst… Let me check it out first with $ATOS product…”  See where I’m going here?


Anyway, I bought at the open when price was trading b/w $2.40 and $2.45.  By looking at the chart, price is still trading above the 15 MA line as well as the 79 line.  This secondary offering reminded me of $GALE, who had a similar reaction after its secondary offering; but $GALE recovered completely from it and headed much higher later on.  Let’s see if $ATOS can do the same.

With the free cash, I also bought back some $CERS I sold last week to buy back $TINY.


Notice that price is now trading right at the 79 & 89 MA lines support.  Let’s see if it can bounce from here.

I bought back $TINY last week ’cause I do not want to be without this stock in my portfolio.  For some reason, I believe 2014 is the year for $TINY.  Nanotechnology is the future and $TINY has some private investments in this field.  You will never know when one of its investment will get a wake up call overnight; so I want to have a position before that happen (if it happens at all).


Price is down like all others and yet is is still trading around support at all MA lines.

Currently, I’m back to 100% speculated and my portfolio is now at the mercy of the overall market condition.  It market bounces next week, I’ll be fine; if not, it will be a tough storm ahead for me.

Current holdings:

KNDI, LRAD, SEED, KGJI, GALE, ATOS, CERS, TINY (fully speculated).

My 2 cents.

A quick note on $PHOT.


Price bounces back from recent correction and so are most of the cannabis stocks.  I believe the trend will continue upward now that the initial profit taking has winded down.

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