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01-22-2014 Trading Journal

Another uneventful day at the market, a slight dip at the DOW with a tiny bump on the SP500.

Not much happening except that I got out of $GALE in the morning when price did not bounce as expected.  There were still too much selling pressure.  Since I bought $GALE yesterday, cash again was tied up in the three day settlement.  Now, I’m sitting on 13% cash that I cannot use until they are release in another day or two.

Meanwhile, upswing on $KNDI and $KGJI saved the day.  My portfolio bounced back up today.

$KGJI finally closed high above the resistance line of $1.85.


Now, I like to see it takes out $2.00 soon.

$KNDI’s bounce today put a stop to the downward slide of the last three days.


From the look of the daily chart, it sure looks like it will bounce back above the consolidation area soon.

I’m now down to only five positions after clearing out of $GALE, $AMRN, $XONE, $TINY. I’ll looking to buy back $TINY when fund becomes available.

Current holdings:

KNDI, LRAD, SEED, CERS, KGJI and 13% cash.

My 2 cents.

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