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12-24-2013 Trading Journal

Without a doubt, X’mas rally has been validated by another fine up day on X’mas Eve.

$KNDI started off with a big bang and traded as high as $8.57 before settled down to close at $8.00.


There is no question that the downtrend line has been breached and price is now looking to head higher from here.  While price did not close near the high, it did close up 4%.  This is good enough for me.  When you look at it from a long-term perspective, it really doesn’t matter if price closes near the high or not ’cause you are looking for a much higher price than today trading range.  Therefore, all I care is that the uptrend is intact.

Next, $CERS continued to surge higher.


Price is now very near the downtrend line and it will not take much to walk over it later this week.  I expect to see much higher price in 2014 simply because I’m confident that they can get FDA approval to sell their products in the U.S.  (Be aware that my confidence in $AMRN has taken me to a cleaner the last few years; in other words, I can be very wrong sometimes.)  $CERS products have been selling in Europe without incident so I don’t see any issue that the FDA may find in $CERS U.S.  trial results   With approval, this stock will take off like a ….

I was glad to see $KGJI bounced today ’cause I needed to see price bounced off the 89 XMA line.


Price action closed above both 79, 89, and 5 MA lines today with both momentum indicators continued to point up.  Let’s see if price can bounce higher from here.

$INO did not disappointed since price moved higher and away from the resistance and now support line at $2.38.


Next target is $2.90 and after that $3.0.

$XONE had a crazy day when price dropped an astounding $5+ from today high.  Miraculously, price recovered to close only .$0.52 or -.88% as opposed to  around -5% for $DDD and $SSYS.


I chose $XONE for its focus on manufacturing angle; and it is probably because of this angle that $XONE survives the downdraft on 3-D printing companies today.

Both $GALE and $AMRN had a negligible correction that did not warrant me to put up a chart for review.

Overall, thanks to $KNDI, $CERS, $KGJI, $LRAD, and $INO, my portfolio has a healthy gain today.

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Happy Holiday and thanks for reading my blog!

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