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12-04-2013 Trading Journal

Market was having a big tug-of-war b/w the buyers and sellers today; however, the daily chart looked like the correction might be over soon.

$TSLA started off the gate fighting to maintain altitude and I was debating whether to sell at the open or gave it some room to breath.  I took the middle ground by moving the hard stop to below the pivot point.  Needless to say, I was stopped out with 77% of my gain intact.


As you can see on the daily chart, price bounced off the 89 XMA resistance line.  It was because of this overhead resistance that I decided to move up the hard stop to protect profit.  These 79 & 89 MA lines are effective as a guiding posts for supports as well as resistances.  It pays to watch for these areas for either profit-taking against resistance or buying for bounce at the support.

With half of the cash available from the sales of $TSLA (the other half was locked in the three days settlement), I added to $CUR and $PXD.

$PXD, despite its weather situation, was acting very bouncy so I decided to join the party by adding more.


The daily chart looked strong giving that it almost closed above all three MA lines (5, 15, and 89).  I wouldn’t be surprised if price continued to take out the 79 MA this week.

Although $CUR was down at the time I added in the morning, I just got this feeling that price would bounce later.


I was correct.  The chart looked good for a breakout soon.

$XONE finally traded above all four MA lines today.


Now, I like to see the 5 MA crosses over the 15 MA.

$KGJI did great today by trading above the 5 and 15 MA lines today.


Don’t forget that both the 79 & 89 MA lines are trading up; thus, the overall underlying tone is still bullish for this stock.

$GALE put me underwater after opening but recovered nicely later in the day and put me back in the black solidly.


The rally looked strong on the chart.

$TINY continued to correct some more today.


However, I like the fact that price closed above the 79 MA line.  Can it bounce from here?  We’ll see.  I’m committed to holding for the 2014 rally.

Thanks to rally from $KGJI, $XONE, $PXD and a few others, my portfolio continued to gain ground.

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