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11-29-2013 Trading Journal

Market opened higher from an alcohol induced rally but fell down by closing bell due to passing out…

$CUR broke out of the cup & handle resistance line and I bought a mid-size position.


Price did not close above the resistance line as shown in the daily chart above; however, we still have a higher high and a higher low.  Let’s see if next week can continue the push up.  If not, I’ll cut this one for small losses.

$TSLA opened higher and I added another layer around $129.xx.


Price could not hold above $129.xx and fell down along with the market at the close.  I moved my GTC hard stop to breakeven during the day. I may move the hard stop to below the daily 5 MA line to give it more room to breath.

$INO continued to struggle to stay above $2.12 so I decided to sell the rest of my shares to take my small losses.


I was expecting a spike up this week above $2.20 and it didn’t happen.  Moving on.

$KGJI continued to struggle to get back to $1.80 but was down slightly for the day.


I’m still holding all my shares.  Notice that the daily 5 MA line is still pointing up.

$CERS had a nice rally during the day but gave back the intra-day gain to follow the drunken market when it passed-out.


Notice that price penetrated the downtrend line today albeit it still closed below it.  I like to see it go back above the line next week.

$XONE handles itself ok today.


It closed only slightly down.  It still has a higher high and a higher low today though.

$CRTO won the “come-back” reward when it jumped back to positive territory after being down all day.


I like the fact that price closed above the daily 5 MA line.

$RBCN made me proud (and I’m sure The Fly as well since this is his pick) ’cause it closed above the 5 and 15 MA lines today.


There is still the 79 SMA above that need to be crossed over before we can consider it a full-blown uptrend.

$NUGT’s bounce today might confirm a possible bottom here.


Will it continue to head up?  Will 2014 be the year of $NUGT?  Provided that I’m not stopped out b/w now and end of the year, I may have a shot of riding this one back to $100 roll…  Pardon me for getting ahead of myself.  Btw, I moved my GTC hard stop to breakeven.

Now, the drum roll….  $LRAD made the day today!


Above is the daily chart and below is the weekly chart.


By looking at the monthly chart below; I can see that we are breaking out of a two-years sleeping pattern.  I like to see the monthly 89 XMA taken out by year-end.


Perhaps by early next year, we will take out the next target of $3.36 which was the previous high at July 2011.

Since $LRAD is my largest position, needless to say my portfolio went up very nicely today.

Current holdings:


My 2 cents.

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