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11-21-2013 Trading Journal

Talking about 180 degree turn, the market did just that today and shot up in the opposite direction of yesterday move.

Meanwhile, my high cash position was tied up in the three-day settlements and I only had limited cash to work with.  Since I like to move in heavy on one stock instead of spreading it thin around, I had to make a decision to buy either $GALE or $AMRN.  Well, you guessed it, I chose $AMRN and it did nothing for me today.  Hindsightwise, $GALE would have been a better choice…

However, the play is not over yet, if $AMRN jumps tomorrow for whatever reason, the game is still on.  If I get some fund release tomorrow, I’ll look to buy back some $GALE and $KNDI.  Maybe some $PXD and $WG if the market sentiment is still up.

But all is not lost today; $KGJI bounced some today which was a good thing ’cause I added more yesterday.  I may continue to add if price continues to head up from here.  I plan to build this one up to a larger position than it is now simply because I believe this stock is really really undervalued.  It will be another “LRAD” type of long-term hold.

Talking about $LRAD, this one really makes my day today.  Not only price was up today by almost 10%; earnings news was even better than I thought. After reading the earnings transcript, I couldn’t help but salivated even more!

After hour price is already over  $2.00+, I expect to see this one stays above $2.00 by closing bell tomorrow.

Take a look at the monthly chart below:


Today close right at the resistance from prior year high at $1.78 from early 2012; after hour price action of $2.00+ already broke out of the resistance.  If momentum continues, it will take out the 89 XMA line at the $2.20 area.  Once this line is taking out, the upward trend will continue on for the next target at $3.30 area.  I’m holding all my shares for awhile here.  If you read the Q&A on the earnings transcript, you will understand why I’m holding this one for long-haul.  This baby is going to grow big soon!

Despite a high cash balance, my portfolio was up very nicely (more than made up for yesterday loss) thanks to $LRAD which happens to be the largest position in my portfolio.

Current holdings:

LRAD, KGJI, CERS, AMRN, CRTO and 48% cash.

My 2 cents.

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