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11-20-2013 Trading Journal

Market opened higher and headed to the sky; then after awhile, it changed its mind and dive into the sea.

At first, I looked at $GALE since it was trading above $3.  Seeing that it was quite persistent in staying above $3, I decided to add more.  Price headed higher after I added and when it finally dropped a big red bar, I sold 50% to lock in profit.  Later in the day, I sold the rest when price penetrated the 79 & 89 MA lines in the 5m chart.


If price bounces higher tomorrow, I may buy back some shares.

I had been eyeing $INO and when price popped based on news, I decided to buy some at low $2.1x.


However, when price could not hold above the 79 & 89 MA lines, I bailed as well to take my small losses.

$AMRN was going roller-coaster today.  After the falling off the initial run-up to $2, I sold some to lock in profit.  Price then headed higher again to get $2.  Again, it could not hold $2 and fell back quickly.  Not only that, it fell below yesterday close and proceeded to head further down.  I was tempted to sell the rest.


And when price finally bounced back up, I took the opportunity to sell the rest of my position to lock in profit.  I sold because the general market was very negative.  Today daily bar looked like a doji.  Doji can potentially become a topping bar…

$WG kinda fooled me today.  At first, it traded higher to $9 so I added a bit more looking for a strong bounce.


Price tried to bounce but failed to reach the intra-day previous high and instead dropped back down to yesterday closing price..  I decided to sell some to reduce risk.  By the end of the closing bell, price dropped below sea level and I decided to sell the rest due to overall general market down turn.

$RBCN was quite disappointing.  When it couldn’t hold yesterday closing price, I sold some to reduce risk.  But when it dropped another layer, I sold the rest at $10.2x to cut loses and move on.


Good thing I sold since price proceeded to drop below $10 soon after.

$PXD was trading well in the morning but quickly gave back all gain.  Later in the day, it began to trade lower.  Seeing that price was again back to the lower end of the ledge I decided to bail out my entire position to cut losses.


As you can see in the daily bar chart, tomorrow can be critical.  Either price will bounce or it will drop further down since price is already trading below the 79 & 89 MA lines.  All supports I can see are no longer there.  Thus, to play safe and reduce risk, I sold to sit back to see what will happen.

I didn’t like the red bar in $KNDI daily chart and the fact that price could not stay above the daily 5 MA line.


Therefore, I sold my entire position as well to stand back to see where price will go.

$KGJI dropped the most and price is now touching the $89 XMA support line.  I feel that price level here was in contradiction to fundamental story behind it.  The company sales were growing quarter after quarter and yet price would not reflect the the market value.  Of course, it is purely my opinion.  Instead of bailing out like other position, I decided to add more here at this 89 MA support level.


Remember, I’ve sold most of other positions to reduce risk to balance out this particular high risk trade.

I sold some $CRTO also to reduce risk.

Giving $KGJI 10% drop today along with smaller drop in other positions, my portfolio took a hit.

Current holdings:

LRAD, KGJI, CERS, CRTO and 58% cash.

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