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Today Portfolio Adjustment (05-21-2013)

Today was a quiet day.

Market opened up, did a hiccup, then went higher.

As for me, my luck did not continue when $NUGT gapped down at the open.  I practically gave back my gain I made yesterday.  Today was the day when the bullish engulfment bar from yesterday did not follow through; but guess what, I’ll do it again next time simply because statistically speaking, it has a good chance to continue.  So, today non-follow-thru is just another statistical event that I’ve to accept.  Later,  I bought back for bounce play but got stopped out at breakeven; afterward, I left it alone.  Best to let this one settle for now.

Meanwhile, after seeing that $CERS did not do a gapped down or waterfall prices that I fear yesterday, I bought back my shares in the morning.

Since $APRI price action took out the high of Feb once again, I added more.  With the prospect of a takeover, there may still be room for speculation to drive price action up; however, this is still a high risk play.

I also added to $DNN to take advantage of the mini-correction today.  No, it wasn’t a average down ’cause I am still in the money.

By and large, I’ve pretty much concentrated my money into seven stocks with only 29% cash.

Out of the seven, $CERS, $APRI, $DNN, and $GLUU are swing trades.

I’m going to wish myself good luck from here.

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