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Today Portfolio Adjustment (04-23-2013)

Today was an $AAPL day.

I was not able to sit down and watch the market today so I really didn’t do much except to add $SZYM so that my position is now back to original size.

I was stopped out on my $AMRN swing trade which I later jumped back on for the bounce.  By end of day, my re-entry on the swing trade is at breakeven point.  I will see how price action behave tomorrow before deciding to scrap or keep it.

I was also stopped out of my $FB during the day.

$GLUU finally made its move today and I felt good since it was my pick for an aggressive bounce play yesterday.  I like to see $GLUU takes out the high of 03/18/2013 and go from there.  That will be my next target.

As I’m typing this post, $AAPL halt is lifted and price action was trading $18 higher.  Sweet!  I believe we may have found the bottom of $AAPL which will be last Friday low.  Now, let’s see if I can sit on my $AAPL share for a longer term hold.

Current holdings:

AMRN, LRAD, SZYM, TINY, AAPL, GLUU and 42% cash.

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