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Today Portfolio Adjustment (04-09-2013)

Today was an interesting up day.

$BCRX opened down and I sold to take small losses.  Yes, it was a gain yesterday and I gave it all back; but that was the deal I was going for when I decided to hold instead of taking profit.  In other words, I was gambling with my yesterday paper gain for a bigger win today.  My bet was wrong so I bailed first and then sat back to see what was happening.  What happen after I sold was that price filled the gap from yesterday and settled down before climbing back slowly to the 1.7x area.   Once I saw the gap was filled, I bought back a starter position around the low $1.7x and put a stop below the intra-day low.  I was not stopped out when market closed.

Next, $DCTH was down due to news of their laying off people to reduce cost.  This was a mixed bag of news but I sold my whole lot quickly and waited for price to settle down.  To me, cutting cost is always a good business move; thus, once the selling was done, I bought back a starter position to see if it would go back up.  I was not stopped out when market closed.

Giving that both $DCTH and $BCRX was not faring well at the open, I took my money out from $MNKD when price began to trek lower after heading up.  I got out at breakeven.  Later, $MNKD trekked back up but I chose to ignore it because I wanted to scale back on the number of biotech stocks.

$SZYM acting like it wanted to go back up badly so I began to add more to my position to slowly build it back up to where I was before.  I’m not giving up on $SZYM yet.

$FB continued to correct but I was feeling that it might begin to turn today based on indicators on 15m and 3m charts; therefore, I bought back $FB shares and my stop was not hit when market closed.

With market continued to soar in the latter half of the day, I decided it was time to buy back $DDD, $CHK, and $DNN.  I bought all three even though they were already up most of the day.  I didn’t buy $CCJ because I didn’t see the “calling” from the chart.

I also bought starter position on $PACB to take advantage of today correction from yesterday jump.

I’m still holding the $S, $AIG, $APRI from yesterday even though they were correcting a little bit today.

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