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Today Portfolio Adjustment (03-28-2013)

Today was actually a slow day for me since I was tied up with non-trading activities all day.

Anyhow, market opened neutral which was nice since it was printing negative 5.x when I went to sleep.  Unfortunately, $FB was under attack from the get go and I did not like this kind of action after a big rally the day before; thus, I started to unload my position on $FB in stair-step fashion.  For each price decline of taking intra-day low, I unloaded some more.  $FB continued to trek down to mid-$25.xx and I was left with 10% of my original position.  I will add again if price action starts to climb back up next week.  And yes, I took some loss alone the way but it was part of trading expenses.  So, no big deal.

Next, $AAPL looked like it might have bottom in the morning time when $SPY began to trek up.  I bought some for day-trading and was stopped out by the trailing stop to lock in profit.  I didn’t trade $AAPL on the short-side so I missed the downtrend.  I was pretty busy today so I didn’t really have much time to pay attention to the market.

$DDD looked strong with a gap-up and prices bounced around the opening range for awhile; but once it made up its mind to go higher, I added to $DDD for taking out the intra-day high.

$BBRY opened higher as well so I took an opportunity to buy a retracement with a stop below the intra-day low.  When I came back later an hour before the close, I found I was stopped out for small loss.

$DCTH finally spiked up today which I had been waiting for everyday for the last two weeks.  You could see me buying and selling for small losses and gains just to make sure I didn’t get mugged while waiting for the spike to happen.  Well, I’m glad to tell you that I’ve caught it this morning and is happy to be in the position for the spike-up today.  Price, at first, went down at the open so I left it alone; however, later on prices ran back up and created a long-tail daily candlestick pattern called the dragonfly.  Since this kind of candlestick can only happen when the bull side pushes the price back up after beating down by the bear, I immediately bought back my position and wait.  When I came back to find out $DCTH was much higher than the morning price action, I added some more expecting the price action to continue higher next week.  Let’s wait and see.

I also nibbled some more on $SZYM to buy back some of what I sold two days ago.  $SZYM continued to trek lower so I still could buy back another batch for cheaper price.  I haven’t bought back all the shares I sold two days ago yet; therefore I still have room to buy some more.

Seeing $PACB also bounced much higher, this time without me because I wasn’t watching the screens at my desk, I decided to buy a small portion so I will not completely miss out if price decides to rally from here.

$POT and $GLOG were pretty much neutral all day so I left them alone.

That was pretty much a slow day simply because I wasn’t at my desk all day.

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