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Two Surprises and a good beginning

As you all know, I’m shocked deliciously over the weekend when I received the invitation from The Fly to join the interim blogger status.  That is surprise #1.  I’m very honored and I will not disappoint.

My 2nd surprise is my insanely stupid name “tradingmy2cents”.  Hmm, maybe I need to think about that!  or not.  As stupid as it is; if it makes me tick as a blogger or as a trader, then why not?  Someone mentions zencents and I’m tickled by that one!  Hmm… perhaps zen2cents?

The good beginning is that I’ve made a damn good decision jumping back in $DCTH Friday near the market close despite my panic attack earlier in the morning and the fact that I’ve to pay a lot more to get back in after taking a loss during the morning breakdown.  Right now, $DCTH is tracking 10.71% higher for the day and I say this is an auspicious sign.

So, how do I get the nerve to jump back in giving that I’ve to pay more from my earlier entry point even after taking a loss that day?  Well, it all comes down to my years of trials and tribulations in my trading career and I will have many more posts to discuss this as an interim blogger.

I won’t be kicking off with a long interim blogger first post; but I’ll surely going to come up with content to tickle your curiosity.

Please feel free to comment anyway you feel so I can strive to improve.

Thanks again to The Fly for an opportunity of a lifetime.

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