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$PACB riding the coattails of $LIFE takeover story

Breaking news: Private Equity Group Reportedly Looking At Life Technologies

All of a sudden, DNA-sequencing or Gene-sequencing is catching the limelight.  Why not?  If the technology can contribute to our biological science to improve our  quality of life, it is time to celebrate!

Look at the daily chart below:


We are seeing a potential double-breakout today if price action can close over $2.39 today.  I like to see price action makes a run for the previous high of $3.25.

$LIFE is a $10.5 billion market cap company, if $PACB can compete, even in a small way, its value is way undervalued right now for the potential since this is essentially still a small-cap company with a lot of room to grow.

My 2 cents.

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