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After falling down, RIMM picked itself up and run again

That’s the spirit!

Go! Go!

I must say I’m impressed with RIMM running again today to the tune of 11.4% increase in price action.  Fortunately, I jumped back in during the morning spike.  After price action took out the Monday high of $10.98, it was a no brainer to buy back the stock.

Below is the 5 min chart of RIMM:


The rally continued all day with a minor roll-off by the end of the day.

If the momentum can keep up, I believe RIMM may rally back to the $14 price level to commensurate with the launch of BB10 phone by end of January, 2013, which is about a month away.

I may add more if price action took out the high of last Friday ($12.39).

With oil price spiked up today, I felt the market would eventually follow with rising prices (provided oil price would not give back today gain by end of this week).  Thus, I went into buying spree and bought back SZYM, CCJ, DNN, SGY, & KERX.

SZYM is a long-term position in my eyes and I just could not see myself not holding it.   Despite my concern with its volatility, I bit the bullet and bought back the stock.  Yeah, it went down afterward.  Mr. Market does not always make it easy for anyone.

I bought CCJ and DNN because I believed 2013 would be the year for uranium.

SGY is @RaginCajun pick and I like the look of the chart.

KERX is a Biotech gamble; albeit a small one since I’m currently loaded up on AMRN.

My current holding is now: LRAD AMRN USU SZYM EMAN RIMM DNN CCJ KERX SGY & 38% cash.

Trade well!

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    Stopped out of $RIMM position to lock in profit.

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