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Anted up once again

What do you say when the stuff you expected to see happening did not happen?

“Oh, somebody sold me another faked crystal ball!”

Did I just say that?  Damn!

Well, even though today is a tepid small range up day; I’m definitely motivated to jump back in simply because today is not a down day I was expecting to see.

I bought back GLOG in $11.20ish; AMRN in the $13ish. CCJ back in the low $20; and SZYM around $12.30

Together with my LT equity investment, I am now 40% invested.

Below is the GLOG daily chart.  There is a “possibility” of a runner here.

Below is the AMRN daily chart.  This one looks more and more like a “definite” take over target.  Beware of my bias lean on the word “definite”.  I’ve a track record of being wrong.

Below is the 15m chart of CCJ.  This is definitely bottom picking here; but my stop is close so it is now a low risk trade.

Below is the daily chart of SZYM.  Another bottom-picking idea; however, I did not put a lot of money behind this bet.  There seem to be some support in the low $12 area.

Happy Hunting!

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  1. raul3

    Sometimes what doesn’t happen is just as interesting, like the dog that didn’t bark in the night.

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  2. zenhunter

    Trading journal update:

    Sold CCJ for a teeny losses. Flat on CCJ for now. Will watch for possible re-entry later.

    Reduced AMRN position by half. Will watch for possible re-entry later.

    No change on GLOG.

    No change on SZYM.

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  3. Heisenberg

    CCJ is a little bitch! Fundies are there but can’t get a break! Flat on it on the Cdn side but I want out!!

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