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Are we there yet?

Ok, we have a bad ass bearish engulfment bar on the SPY daily chart (see below).  Is this the turning point or is it only a small correction for the infinite bull?

I am not going to hang round with a loaded portfolio to find out.

I sold all my uranium based stocks to lock in profit.

I sold BAS to cut my losses; but I’m holding GLOG.

I’m still holding my Biotech AMRN & EXEL since their potential run is worth the risk I assigned.

Bought a small starter position on TZA.  Yes, I’m prepared for the market to gap up against me.

Almost forgot, I took profit on half of my AAPL put option and is holding the other half for tomorrow.  I may end up giving my profit back tomorrow due to AAPL strong supporter base.  But I like to give it one more day.

Currently 70% cash.

Good luck to all (long or short).


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  1. zenhunter

    Trading journal update:

    Added TZA due to taking out yesterday high.

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    • zenhunter

      Sold all TZA to close for small losses. The bull is throwing a fit!

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