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Back to the Future! The wonder world of 3D printing

Now that I’m out of my TZA and SKF, it is time to go long!  And what better choice than to go back to the future?

DDD and SSYS have always been my favorite; and since Research Donkey latest news flash reminded me of the 3D printer, it is time for me to jump back in.

Bought 1/2 position of DDD and SSYS.

And as a antithesis, I bought TNA as well!

“What?  Nahh, TZA and SKF are no friends of mine; they are just drinking buddies when I’m feeling down.  For some reason, I’m feeling quite exuberant right now!”

Good Hunting!


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  1. zenhunter

    Wrong again? Didn’t like the price action of DDD and SSYS in the last 10 minutes. Reduced position size by 1/2. Now only 1/4 position.

    The TNA trade is so unnecessary. I dumped it for breakeven. I must be drinking too much Exuberance..

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