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The Ghost of May

Sell in May and go away

Will this be a self-fulfilling prophecy?  I’m not going to hang around to find out.  Raise cash to 80%.

I re-short the weaker stocks using put option- RIMM & NFLX.

Good Hunting!

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Ain’t gonna argue with the market…

I stripped my DDD & SYSS back to core position.  Took profit on added position.

My greed say “Hang on to your added position!

My inner voice, “Market sentiment is not good.  Everything can go down with it.  Better play safe and be DISCIPLINED!”

My greed say, “Come on now!  3D printer is going to revolutionize the industry!  You gotta to hang on!”

My inner voice, “Tell u what, I get out now (for the added position only) but I promise to buy them back if price bounce back. ok?”

My greed, “I guess so, but you promise!”

Click, click, click, and click!

Done.  Position reduced.

Just another day at the market.

Good Hunting!


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DDD: Cubify = Creativity = Fun = Joy

I believe when DDD starts selling their consumer version of the 3D printer on May 25th, it will surprise everyone how well received this new gadget is.

My take is that not only will the hobbyists be the first to grab them; elementary to college institutions will grab them to for the purpose of encouraging creativity.

Needless to say, I added MORE DDD today!

Good Hunting!

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Bought SINA

Price action for the last 6 days all pointed to a strong support force against the downside move.  Upside motion seems to take over for now.

Good Hunting!

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