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Falling Knives follow-up: DNDN- Luck of the draw!

DNDN! Yes, it is day like today that wipe-out all the minor whip-saws from picking falling knives.

It is all about “song selection” that win you the vote as they repeated over and over again at the American Idol TV show.  Well, in the stock market, it is all about the stock selection.  As not to be too greedy, I took profit of DNDN @ 9.70 average price.

Also took profit today on



I took small losses on SINA and a decent profit on AMZN yesterday.

Remember it is all about song selection that complement your style of singing.  Oop!, please substitute song with stock and singing with trading…

Good Hunting!

Update: in hindsight, look like I “should” have hold on to DNDN a little longer; but that would be counter-productive to think like that.  I see DNDN as a brand new “possible trade” and will review it as though I was never in it before.  If I’m still interested, I will have to evaluate the trade based on its risk factor since it already run so much.

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