You have been downgraded


Left in an abyss of space, most of you would blend in quite well. You are the Black holes, the crap of the world. 99.9% of the universe is empty space. Unfortunately for most of you, 99.9% of your matter being empty, you still are not full of enough “emptiness” to cease existing. If you were, the decisions you and everyone else makes as an effect to these causes of human action would be different, and the planet would not be getting downgraded. Unfortunately, every nation on this planet must feel the wrath of the downgrade. However, it is the downgrade which america needs most to actually honestly reflect what this universe is… an abyss.
Thankfully, because of this honesty, we can rise from the ashes and discover that society need not be such a black hole crap of the world as it is. As such perhaps you deserve an honorable upgrade. But it is not without this path that you will deserve such an upgrade, for with an upgrade you will grow overconfident and fall to your doom.

So enjoy the downgrade that will help humanity so much to recognize it for what it is… whatever the people that make up humanity make of it. Thank You For Reflecting the Abyss that is reality, enjoy your downgrade, and have a nice day

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