Did You Take the Solar Bet?


Here I sit, broken hearted

Went long solar

When I should have shorted

Now my book, sits in the red

If my wife founds out

I’ll be dead

That goes out to the two trolling idiots yesterday. Here’s what solar looks like today (the solar I am watching), with the market positive, and decent volume.

FSLR -6.5% (now -7.9% in the short time I was writing this)

TSL -3.64%

LDK -3.03%

Now, STP shot up today too, and seeing as I covered after making ~70% in this name, I am waiting to get back into it.

I might start/add short here, but I want to wait a few more minutes.




6 Responses to “Did You Take the Solar Bet?”

  1. Rhino – you’ll like this:

  2. “if my wife finds out I’m dead” – now that’s funny!

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