There’s No Swell, Pal


This market is as flat as Deveraux in June. Thus, most of you chose not to paddle out. Trading is thin, Twitter is dead, and CNBC is boring. Will we see a ramp up into the bell, maybe, but that’s doubtful.

I frankly don’t care if the market is “up” or “down” currently, as it’s nothing more than a ruse. The titans are absent, with mere humans– like myself –left to try to find pockets of volume. No thank you, I’ve an empire to build.

Now, please excuse me as I kick P off of a cliff, and watch my book drift in theĀ current less waters.


7 Responses to “There’s No Swell, Pal”

  1. Missed your bachelor party thread, but just went back and read it and the comments.

    Concur on all your sentiments.


    • Thanks dude, it’s such a waste of time and money. Most of these folks are living in overpriced apartments with tons of debt. Piling on more debt for the weddings, looking to never be able to buy a house.

  2. T-shirt slogan:

    “Work a little harder, so I don’t have to.”


    Start training Grace

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