Le Portfolio Update


Here’s how my book looks at the end of the week:


UA +6.84%

GILD +8.05%

SPF -1.34%

NFLX +25.82%

LGF -4.21%

TSLA -6.32%

CVI -14.56%

PMM -1.06%

SWHC +7.54%

LGF -4.21%

DDD +0.03%

FLY –0.25%

(LESS THAN 1%) FB –18.96% and TZA -22.15%


STP +73.6%


LDK +19.74%

LULU +6.76%

JASO +13.54%

TSL +5.83%

CCL +2.07%

JOSB -1.86%

As usual, I am a far better short seller than long buyer. A blessing and a curse.

6 Responses to “Le Portfolio Update”

  1. It is all a blessing. Every loss. Every win. Eye poked out in a tunnel in Nam. 1 month later. Smoking a joint with Joe Cocker and Janis Joplin under the stage at Woodstock. Very long now BDC and BMY also assorted REITS.

  2. Don’t plan on going to cash anytime soon. Cash in this time of Central Bank Flooding is for amateurs. Kinda like going out on New Years Eve.

    Don’t worry… Be Hoppy!

  3. Rhino, Just curious..would LULU +6.76% be from your most resent entry short or YTD?

    If you don’t mind me asking? Where have you placed your protective stop?

    • It’s from my recent entry, so YTD, with the spastactic trading I did before in it, I am sitting somewhere near 3.5% YTD in the name. I don’t have a stop, as my thesis is long term.

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