Pulling the Proverbial Trigger


I have spent the last two hours reading about the Middle Age history of Northen Europe, specifically the British Isles and Norse Lands. I’m obsessed with this time in European History, as well as the the tribes that made the Romans build a wall in a far off land (that still partially stands), before this time. I identify with these people, besides the fact that they are my ancestors, I value the fact that the greatest warrior and the smartest minds prevailed. True natural selection, even if you were born to lower classes, if you could prove that you could fight, and wanted to fight, you could earn yourself great titles.

Maybe it’s just my arrogance, or then again there’s my last name and heritage, but I see myself on top of large black steed, close to the size of a Clydesdale, with huge Mastiffs guarding my flanks. I would only lead a small amount of men, those who volunteered to follow me, and we would serve the King we believed in, not the one we thought would win. At the Battle of Bosworth field, I lead the charge when Northumberland would not, and would win the fight against Henry, with the Stanleys too scared to attack my men, who would fight to the death, surrounding the King.

Just this Sunday, while watching the Super Bowl, and being very frustrated, mind you, I told my friend “I can take out Ray Lewis.” His response, of course, was “no you can’t! He would flatten everyone in this room!.” He probably could, but at that time, and still to this moment, my rationale is that we are the same height, but I outweigh him by 30lbs, and I’ve convinced myself I am stronger than he is. Maybe he just crushes me like David Beckham trying to play Football, or maybe I lay him out. The fact is, if you or I were to find ourselves running the ball towards Ray Lewis, it would serve us much better to have that kind of attitude, as opposed to a defeatist mentality, thus not giving up before it begins.

So what is this arrogant idiot getting to? Today into the close I shorted ZNGA, “sure” that it would be the “beginning of the end.” Then they posted numbers that beat. I listened to their earnings call, and I thought what I heard was garbage, but the stock was still up over 5% after-hours, what happens tomorrow? I don’t know yet, but I also shorted CMG into its earnings, as they have gone down a ridiculous amount their last 4 quarters after reporting, they basically met, but nothing special. Their stock started well up in the after-hours trading session, but then ended $0.01 below the closing price. I pulled the trigger on both of these names, even though I didn’t need to.

I didn’t need to because I am up 28.38% on the year, and that isn’t including the beating I took in December of close to 20%. Yes, since the beginning of December I have grown my account roughly 50%. If you don’t believe me, just go read my previous posts. It’s all there. I really have to say that the ISRG trade was the most lucrative though, being an options trade with an over 300% gain. Then look at my shorts, currently sitting at a >7% gain, even in this rip roaring market. This leads me to my next point.

The Nikkei and the TOPIX are up 3.8% and 3.3%, respectively. Are you kidding me!? I feel as though my new shorts are going to rip tomorrow– preparing for the worst. But, they may go straight to the floor, while all my longs rip faces, and my other shorts continue their descent. This would be a perfect world, and that it is not, but I am batting .800 in earnings plays this season (if you consider I was long FB well before earnings). What’s the average hedge fund? Exactly.

Sometimes you have to believe that you cannot be beaten. The market is Ray Lewis, are you going to let him tackle you on the first yard line, third-and-goal? I’m not.


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  1. May I suggest reading Kennedy’s “The Rise and Fall of Great Powers”? Good book covering the past 500 years of military/economic history, mostly in Europe.

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