Finally a Weight Lifted? $EXK


EXK has been beating me down, to the tune of -17%. Every time is gets close to OS in The PPT, doesn’t actually take the plunge, and thus has continued a steady decline. Well today it has seemed to flag OS. Though the 6 months stats aren’t very good, their aren’t that many periods of OS, so let’s look at the 12 month stats:

Obviously not enough to make back 17%, but it’s a definite start, and who knows how far it runs? If you are bored and looking for a swing trade, this may be the one for you.

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  1. Holding this pain for higher prices.
    Its just not a EXK problem. Its the
    space.EXK is still one of the best
    buys in the space.Refuse to take
    lose at these levels. Time to buy not sell.imo This space can be a tough hold.

  2. I’m sorry but looking at a daily chart, what is there to like about this stock? Where is support and at what price are you looking to enter? Sometimes comments, emails, and txt come across wrong, so this is not a smartass question. I’m interested in your POV. I normally use a Count back line to enter and exit with some success.

  3. Do you find the value of company
    on the daily chart? No
    Over the last six trading days its held the mid to high 6.80’s. I do hope a bottom is being made here.
    EXK assets & locations are prime for a buy out offer. You will not find this on the daily chart so..don’t bother looking. EXK management is absolutely best of breed. No charts needed. I see the value here & continue to stick to my guns. Its my largest position. Last buy was in 7.20’s.

  4. Thanks to both of you for your response. I’m still a process.

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